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All Pro Window Tint Launches New Website

All Pro Window Tint went into the window tinting business in Surprise Arizona back in 2004. One of the first things we did was to have a professional website created. That seems so long ago, in fact back then we were one of only a few window tinting businesses in Arizona to even have a website, let alone a professionally designed website.

Well, times always change and so does technology, it was a bit overdue but we have decided to re-invest into what helped bring us success from the start.
Window Tint Website

We hired the services of Duvall Designs, a local web designer right here in Phoenix Arizona. They have been keeping our old site up and running after our original web developer disappeared on us, so we knew it would be an easy choice once we were ready for our new window tinting site to go under construction. As you will probably agree after seeing our new site, Duvall Designs does top notch work and are great people to work with. From start to finish we could not be more happy so a big thanks go out to them! If you yourself are a small business owner like us (my wife and I run it all), or are in need of any web services in general, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are more than willing to take the time to basically explain the process and of course, refer you to Duvall Designs.

Since 2004 our business has been run the same way, right out of our home.  We offer In Shop vehicle window tinting in Surprise Arizona, and we have always maintained licensing and insurance for both residential window tinting in Phoenix and commercial window tinting in Arizona. With our newly updated site we have made the effort to get this message across to potential customers in a simply delivered message that is easy to interact with. We feel we have accomplished this very effectively and we hope you agree.

One thing we would like to touch on while we have the chance. When looking into a website redesign we noticed that many other window tinting shops, some located right here in Phoenix, have been blatantly copying our old site and namely our content. This is done by either a hired amateur web developer (just like anything else, you get what you pay for) or the window tinting business owners themselves. The reasoning is either pure laziness and unoriginality, or more than likely to try to obtain better search rankings. This was very disconcerting to us as years ago we sat down and tried to write content about our business so as to reflect our core values. When we discovered other window tinting businesses nearby were copying us (some word for word) we took the best action we could and contacted Google about copyright infringement. As luck would have it Google saw things the same way we did and eliminated these copycats from their search results.

Of course if this happened once it more than likely will happen again, so if you see a window tint business that looks or sounds like us out there, especially in Arizona and specifically the Phoenix area, please be aware they are not us, they merely copied us.

So, in closing, we thank all of our existing customers who are seeing our new site, we thank any potential new customers out there who happen to find us, and we hope you enjoy what we have worked hard to create!

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